Reverend W. Gerard Johnson BIO




Rev. Willis Gerard Johnson, a native of St. Helena Island, SC is the Interim Pastor of Union Baptist Church. 

For the past 25 years, Rev. Johnson has ministered the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the country. With an academic background in History and Strategic Leadership, Rev. Johnson maintains the pure historical context of the scripture. Being a student of the scripture, he diligently strives to educate and empower humanity to respect the power of community, which is our differences.  

Rev. Johnson demonstrates an uncommon anointing which provokes unity within conflicting communities and situations. With a prophetic and revelatory approach to scripture, Rev. Johnson’s mission is to minister God’s word with integrity and to maintain the proper context of the Holy Scripture. Moreover, his passion for prayer, fasting, and meditation are the secrets to his committed relationship with Christ.  

Rev. Johnson desires to develop a culture of believers that reflects God’s love and His grace through their daily lives. He enjoys reading and cooking in his spare time.